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Web Optimisation:
What is Pay Per Click - PPC?
The majority of search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo & MSN) sell premium listings, usually the first few results, on a cost per click basis.

Why does Pay Per Click work so well?
Pay Per Click listings work because they put your company in front of people looking for your products or services.

When a potential customer arrives at your web site, they have already searched for products or services that you offer. This makes them a pre-qualified lead, with a high chance of them purchasing your products or services.

Why should I use an agency to manage my PPC accounts?
Managing multiple search engine accounts and adjusting bids on hundreds or thousands of search terms can be labour intensive. We can remove that hassle from your internal resource whilst reducing CPC's and increasing ROI. This means that our service usually pays for itself.

Which Countries can I advertise within?

As well as providing pure UK or US based campaigns, we can translate, implement and manage your search engine advertising campaigns worldwide.

How much does it cost?
Search engine click costs usually range from 10p - 50p per click depending upon market sector and individual search phrase. Our fees are based on a percentage of your search engine spend.

How much you budget is up to you. The more the budget, the more click throughs, the more leads, the more sales.

• Campaign- and issue-based traffic: If you have a short-term campaign for a new product, service or special issue, pay-per-click can be a great way to generate buzz. You can start a pay-per-click campaign within, at most, 24-48 hours, and you can generally change the text of your ad in mid-campaign, so adjusting your message is easy. If you need to focus attention for a finite amount of time, PPC is perfect.

If you would like to know more about these highly profitable business growth issues and see how we can help you or even book an appointment to discuss your PPC and SEO projects further!

Set a Sensible Budget:
A lot of business people ask us how much I typically spend on clients' PPC campaigns. My answer is always 'just a bit less than too much'. I know, but the there is no 'right' amount. It all depends on your circumstances.

A good formula, though, is:

Cost Per Click is less than:

'conversion rate * total clicks * profit per conversion'. Finally, I also know if you're selling a product or service, I strongly recommend that you invest the time and energy to collect any data and crunch the numbers - it will pay off in the long run.

What is Search Engine Marketing?
Search engine marketing is any legal activity intended to bring traffic from a search engine e.g. Google, yahoo, Ask Jeeves etc to another website.

The goal of search engine marketing is to increase the levels of high – quality targeted traffic to a website this in turn increases your sales, leads and profits.

These methods include but are not limited too:

• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Optimising the content of your website to appear at the top of the free listings for terms which are specific to your business, can result in increases of more than 70% traffic. This is accomplished through a combination of on page content and off page promotion.

• Pay Per Click (PPC): Cost per action advertising targeting the “sponsored listings” on search engine results. 30 – 40% of search clicks come via PPC ads

• Contextual Advertising: Delivers targeted advertising based upon the content of each individual web page that carries an ad.

• Directory Submission: Involves the submission of websites to general purpose and vertical directories.

• Blended Strategy / Search Engine Marketing: Utilizing both SEO and PPC to maximise your exposure to search engines.

Other forms of Website Marketing we can educate you in or take care of for you.
• Site reviews and assessments
• Seo & PPC services
• Training
• E-mail Marketing campaigns
• Newsletter Campaigns
• Blogging
• Newsgroups and Forums
• SMS marketing
• Affiliate marketing
• Desktop marketing
• Shopping Bots
• Webcasting
• Banner advertising
• Link Building

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